VJs (Video Jammers)

Learn to become a VJ and have a chance to perform Live! at The Junction and other Funky Flamingo club nights.

Our current group of VJs are Mark Chapman-Cole, Ian Culverhouse, Lucy Morrison, John Woodhouse and Chris Fuller.

Interview with Chris Fuller

How long have you been working with
Funky Flamingo?
Ages – I started doing video work when Funky Flamingo started. Been doing Funky since the word go!

What did you start off doing?
I started off being a DJ and recording tracks. I was filming at the first clubnight with JPW (John Woodhouse), Simon Smith (workshop leader) and Mad (DJ) and editing.

What other stuff have you done outside the club?
I’ve done some filming of workshops.

What do you do at the club?
Everything! Elvis, video, filming, PopStars CD and tech

Describe a typical club night for you.
Filming from stage, playing film from other clubnights before rushing off to be Elvis.

What equipment/programs do you work with?
Canon MVX 2i, Final Cut Pro on MAC, Media 100cn, Apple MAC, SVHS video player, DAC 100 analog to DV converter, Panasonic WMXJ 50 vision mixer.