The Funky Band – ‘DreamCatchers’

Do you play an instrument or sing? Then you may be ableto join a Funky Band and have a chance to perform Live!at The Junction and other Funky Flamingo club nights.

DreamCatchers are:

Leon McGee – Bass
Gavin Fell – Vocals
Nickey Evans – Vocals
Clive Marshall – Percussion
Chris Butler – Drums
Beth Wilson – Vocals
& Adrian Ingwood – Guitar
The Funky Band – ‘DreamCatchers’
DreamCatchers News
– New Songs
Dreamcatchers are currently in the rehearsal rooms at Miltonwriting new songs to perform at their next gig at The Junction onthe Funky Flamingo Clubnight. Expect ‘Crazy World’ writtenby Nicky Evans, Gavin Fell & Chris Butler anytime soon.

– New CD
The Funky Flamingo band have alsobeen back in the studio rehearsingand recording new songs including”Down to Hell” and “Check 1-2”.The CD was released in May at theWild West Club night and sold over 100 copies to the bandseager fans. Get your hands on a copy at the next FunkyFlamingo night on November 13th at The Junction. The nightis a hip hop theme. The band will not be performing at thisevent but the CD will still be available tobuy along with the DVD film “In the Studio”.The songs were written by Leon (BassPlayer) and Gavin (Singer/MC).

– Live
You can see and hear DreamCatcherslive at the next Funky Flamingo Club in February 2009.Keep a look out here for info on any other gigs before then.
If you’re a promoter, venue owner or event organiser and wouldlike Dreamcatchers to make an appearance and perform,please contact Amanda or Nicky on 01223 441106 or