About Us

The Funky Flamingo Club is organised by a SteeringGroup of disabled adults and young people who meet ona regular basis to discuss and arrange everything fromthe music and entertainment at the club to decorations,publicity, tickets and merchandising.

The group have been meeting regularly since June 2001 to planthe club and, although many of them had not worked together ormet in the past, they soon developed a good team spirit andwork well together, taking on responsibility of different areas inorder that all of the work is covered.

The project was set up and is facilitated by Inspire, an artsdevelopment company which runs an Arts and Disabilityservice for Cambridgeshire and Peterborough.
Funds for the project have come from a variety of sourcesincluding Cambridge City Council Community Arts and LeisureGrants, South Cambs. District Council, Media Box and BigLottery as well as box office receipts.
The Funky Flamingo Club is being developed throughpartnership with The Junction. Their support includes staff timeand expertise, marketing and PR support, Box Office facilitiesand free hire of the venue.

If you fancy becoming a member of the steering group (makingdecisions about future clubnights) see our contact us page. Ifyou want to join in and learn to dj or vj or become a member ofthe Funky band or Popstars click on one of these buttons tofind out more.